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Micron Diaphragm pumps for portable gas detector, Dealers and Distributors in Maharshtra, Goa and Gujrat

Micron Diaphragm Pumps for Portable Gas Detector

T2-05 up to 800 mLPM Free Flow

Parker's T2-05 13.5 mm wide micro diaphragm pump is designed to fit where other pumps cannot due to its small, compact package size. The T2-05 flow path is optimized to deliver high flow with high efficiency resulting in extended battery life. The pump's low power, small size, and Light weight play a critical role in portable gas detection and medical applications. The T2-05 pump HE and LI pump models enable intrinsic safety capabilities for sampling of hazardous gases, typical of industrial and mining operations. The T2-05 IC pump is designed for compact and wearable medical devices that require Less than 1500 hours of pump Life. The T2-05 VBIC model is ideal for vacuum only medical applications that benefit from improved sound quality, such as wound therapy.