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Zero Air Genarator

Flame ionization detection (FID), a commonly used detection technique for gas chromatography which involves passing a separated sample through a hydrogen-air flame to ionize a sample, is considerably more sensitive than thermal ionization for a broad range of compounds. FID is typically used to detect volatile organic compounds to nanogram levels. The air for the flame is added to the detector after the separation and the sensitivity is dependent on the ability of the detector to discriminate between the background signal and the signal from the compound(s) of interest. Zero Air, which contains < 0.1 ppm of hydrocarbons, is typically used as the oxidant.

In many laboratories, Zero Air is synthetic air provided by an expensive high-pressure gas cylinder. While this is a satisfactory method, the use of an in-house generator to provide Zero Air for FID detection is safer, more convenient, more reliable and more economical than the use of high pressure cylinders. An in-house Zero Air generator is completely automatic and requires a minimum of maintenance.