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Parker OIL-X Grade Oil Vapour Reduction OVR filter, Dealers and Distributors in Maharshtra, Goa and Gujrat

Parker OIL-X Grade Oil Vapour Reduction OVR filter

Manufactured from extruded aluminium, the Parker OIL-X Grade OVR is smaller and lighter than equivalent carbon towers. Compact activated carbon cartridges utilise a unique filling technique to maximise packing density of the adsorbent bed. Retained to prevent movement, 100% of the activated carbon bed is then utilised during operation, guaranteeing performance, whilst the heavy attrition, dusting and blocked particulate filters associated with carbon tower designs is eliminated. The use of cartridges also provides trouble free maintenance, reducing system downtime.

Oil free plant air can be affected by many factors such as pressure, temperature, air flow, oil concentration and humidity. The OVR selection process considers all of these factors to ensure consistent outlet air quality over 12 months of continuous operation.